Three Things

  • 3-6
  • Basics

We Come To Learn - Games - Three Things

Build mastery of fundamental concepts and vocabulary while practicing the essential intellectual skills of sorting, categorizing, and classifying information.

We Come To Learn - Games - Feature - Build Essential Concepts

Build Essential Concepts

Three Things is a game designed to support children in building both basic vocabulary and mastery of several concepts essential to early literacy and numeracy.

We Come To Learn - Games - Feature - Play, Learn, Repeat

Play, Learn, Repeat

Repetition is key in all learning but particularly in early learning, and Three Things allows players to repeat play while offering variety and rewards, both internal and external, essential to maintaining engagement.

We Come To Learn - Games - Feature - Practice Like the Big Kids

Practice Like the Big Kids

The four-block grid used in Three Things is a common visual organizer used in schools across the country for a variety of purposes, such as when gathering and organizing information for writing assignments.

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