Dominoes Number Match

  • 3-8
  • Math

We Come To Learn - Games - Dominoes Number Match

Dominoes Number Match — Four games in one! A blend of classic dominoes and the latest technologies — helps learners at a variety of skill levels build concept of number, instant identification of sets, and game strategy problem solving skills.

We Come To Learn — Games - Feature - Start Small

Start Small

Built-in audio in the first-level game (Easy Match) provides instruction in rote, stable-order counting; one-to-one relationships; and the cardinal principle* of math.

*When counting objects, the final number in your count is equal to the number of objects.

We Come To Learn — Games - Feature - Continue to Grow

Continue to Grow

In Full Game play, players have a chance to plan not only their own moves but to predict the device’s moves in a game of competitive dominoes.

We Come To Learn — Games - Feature - Get Help Along the Way

Get Help Along the Way

Controls allow individualized learning and play, including using dominoes with dots only, numerals only, or both.

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