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If you've ever been around a group of children, you know there are as many differences among them as there are similarities. Even in a single kindergarten class, there may well be children who are just beginning to identify letters of the alphabet sitting alongside others who are already decoding multi-syllable words --  and even more at every skill level in between!

One of the great features of We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Words is that you can adjust the level of individualized support available for up to six unique players at a time. Among the adjustable features within the game’s options:

1. SHOW PRACTICE WORD - ALWAYS, WHEN TAPPED, or JUST ONCE - For the true beginner, you may want to show the word all the time, allowing the player to concentrate on listening to the available instructional audio (word in isolation and word in a sentence) and matching letters. For the more advanced reader, you can choose to show the word only once and then auto-hide the word card after a two-second display. If the player forgets the word, he/she can always tap the audio key to hear it as many times as necessary while attempting the spelling. For an intermediate-level learner, you can choose the SHOW WHEN TAPPED option, allowing the player to see the word as many times as he/she needs to, while also promoting greater independence than when the word displays continually.

2. SHOW LETTER SPACES - SHOW, HIDE - By showing the letter spaces, you are providing a greater level of support, letting the learner know just how many letters are necessary to spell the word correctly. The DONE button (used to check the spelling) is not active until all the letter spaces are filled in. If you choose to HIDE the letter spaces, however, the DONE button becomes active as soon as the player enters the first letter; it's up to the player to decide if he/she has included enough letters to spell the word correctly.

3. LIMIT PACK PROGRESS - Whether you want to keep an entire group moving along at the same pace or simply monitor the rate of an individual child, by using the LIMIT PACK PROGRESS option you can make sure a player isn't moving on to a new word pack before you want him/her to. Remember, though, in all cases, a player must demonstrate mastery of all the words in a pack — by spelling all ten words correctly in a single round — in order to unlock the next word pack.

In short: to effect the greatest amount of support, choose SHOW PRACTICE WORD ALWAYS, SHOW LETTER SPACES, and LIMIT PACK PROGRESS YES (to the next available pack).

To allow the greatest independence, select SHOW PRACTICE WORD JUST ONCE, HIDE LETTER SPACES, and do not set any pack limit.

All options are easily reached via the CREATE PLAYER & OPTIONS button on the game’s home screen.

And remember, support levels can be changed at any time, so if you discover a particular child needs either more support or less for a given word pack, modification is as simple as clicking a few buttons.


We Come to Learn Sight Words, Kindergarten Edition, is available in the iTunes App Store. Check us out today!