A few days ago, I wrote about how to use the FLASHCARDS mode in  We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Word as a method of shared practice. WCTL KSW also includes two methods for independent practice of sight words, one we've called CHALKS and one called MAGNETS.

The two methods operate very similarly, but there are a couple of significant differences that expand the learning options available in this game.

Both methods present the same words, in the same order. They both have automated check functions, instructional audio (you can hear both the word in isolation and the word used in a sentence; correct/incorrect audible signals; and end-of-round music), and word-by-word progress reporting. In-game functions, like entering one letter at a time from left to right (just as in normal writing), using the BACKSPACE key to erase one or more letters entered, and clicking the DONE button to check the spelling of a completed word, are the same for both CHALKS and MAGNETS. Both methods require a player to spell all ten words correctly in a single round to complete that packet and unlock the next, and both present the words in lower-case manuscript. Also, they operate from the same set of player options, which can be individualized for up to six players at a time, and can be changed at any time.


The differences between the two are that CHALKS uses a lower-case QWERTY keyboard that the player taps (like typing) creating what looks like handwriting on a chalkboard, and MAGNETS uses a set of upper-case, ABC-order, multi-colored letters (like plastic refrigerator magnets) that the player slides into place. As a parent or teacher, you may want to let a learner choose which of the methods he or she will be using, but you might also want to choose it yourself if, for example, you want a child to work on a particular skill like learning the order of the alphabet, learning to match upper-case letters to the lower-case letters used on the word cards, or practicing typing on a keyboard.

Up next in the WCTL blog: how to use the game’s options to adjust the level of support for an individual player.

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