Sight Words Pack 1 Play

One of the great features of We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Words (WCTL KSW) is that it includes methods for both independent and shared practice. Today we'll take a look at the shared practice available in WCTL KSW.

If you've ever used flashcards (either commercially prepared or homemade) to practice skills with a learner, then you have a pretty good idea of how WCTL KSW uses "flashcards" as a method of shared practice.

Shared practice works best where there is both a "learner" and a "tutor", that is, someone who can read and will know definitively if the learner is responding correctly.

To use the WCTL KSW flashcards, simply choose a word pack and select the FLASHCARDS mode. At the appearance of each word in the pack, the learner attempts to read the word. The tutor lets the learner know if the word has been read correctly. Then either the learner or the tutor simply taps KNOW (just to the left of the word card) if the word was read correctly, or NEED (just to the right of the word card) if it was read incorrectly.


Counters in the top left- and right-hand corners keep track of how many words have been added to each pile during a round, and a simple tap on either of them opens a display with the list of all the added words. Another tap closes the box.

Flashcard practice is available for each of the game's eighteen word packs and can be used over and over again, allowing a player to return to any pack at any time once a pack has been "unlocked" by mastering the ten words in the previous pack.

So how do you master a pack of words and unlock the next pack? Through independent practice, that's how.

Up next in the WCTL blog: KSW basics, part 2, independent practice.

We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Words for the iPad is available in the iTunes App Store. Try it today, and give your child the skills and confidence to succeed!