Home ScreenBack in the spring of 2010, I began tutoring a first grader who was having trouble mastering a grade-appropriate list of sight words.

She enjoyed playing learning games and was eager to read and write independently, and her classroom teacher gave us a variety of practice methods that she enjoyed. By far, however, her favorite thing to do was to practice writing her words on my then-new digital tablet.

Thus was born the initial plan behind We Come to Learn's sight word games for the iPad.

It's been a tricky and lengthy process -- one we've worked on, talked about, set down, and come back to -- several times. The truth is that trying to recreate a classroom process is a complex thing indeed. But we think we've gotten it.

Kindergarten Sight Words -- to be joined later by 1st Grade Sight Words -- is currently in the final phase before sale, that is, the Apple review process. Soon it will be available for the iPad in the iTunes app store.

Stay tuned for more information as a release date approaches.