Dominoes frontWhether you are a teacher with a large class of heterogeneously-grouped students or a parent looking for games that can become increasingly challenging as your child matures, you know the value of a game that can "grow with a child." That's why at We Come to Learn we strive to build games that provide entertaining learning opportunities at a variety of skill levels.

Dominoes Number Match, the latest iPad app from We Come to Learn (now on sale in the iTunes app store!) is actually a set of four games of increasing difficulty (for one low price!). And wise use of the game's Parent Options can greatly expand those four game levels, allowing greater differentiation, and therefore making it more beneficial to growing learners over a longer period of time.

The first and simplest of the four games included in Dominoes Number Match is called Easy Match. In Easy Match, the player is presented with a "hand" or "bank" of three dominoes, each of which is to be matched (drag and drop) to one of the dominoes in the field of play.

Easy Match is designed to introduce very young children to the concept of number, build number sense and one-to-one correspondence skills, and help children learn rote counting 1-9, as players match single-digit numerals to equivalent sets of dots.

Easy Match also provides a very basic introduction to the key concept of playing a game of dominoes, that is you must match or join together like ends of two dominoes. For beginners, you can set the game to cover only a very small range (0-3), increasing the values -- and the difficulty! -- as a child has mastered the ones prior. Built-in instructional audio is available in Easy Match simply by touching any domino. Also in this game, only one end of each domino is "active" with either dots or a numeral; the other, unused end is always empty, so young learners need to concentrate on only one end of each domino.

When we were first building Dominoes Number Match, we called this level "Value Pairs" because that's exactly what happens in this game: you make pairs of equal value! The educator in me really liked the name because it seemed to fit so well. Finally, however, we decided to go with something that was more child-friendly. We wanted something, well, easy, to go with our easy-level game. Finally it was decided that since we were using the word "easy" so often, it should probably be in the name. So there you have it: Easy Match.

Easy Match is quite different from the next two games --- Match 3 and Match 6 --- which are very different still from the Full Game. Check back soon to learn more about those other games included in Dominoes Number Match.

All four games in Dominoes Number Match are available for one low price (just $1.99 in the iTunes store!) but you can also try out this first game - Dominoes Easy Match - for free. While the free version lacks the parent options, individual player set-up, and reporting feature of the full version of Dominoes Number Match, it does offer unlimited game play for numbers 1-9, including the instructional audio feature.