Now, everyone knows that Three Things is a terrific new early learning game from We Come to Learn, but there was a also another kind of three things that also caught my attention recently, so much so that I wanted to share it.

Last week, Parenting magazine posted an article entitled "3 Magic Phrases for Parents" which, by the way, would also work great in classrooms, I'm sure. I'm including the original article here (it's worth a read) but I'll also cut to the chase and tell you that those three phrases are:

father talking to son1. Next time…,

2. In this family… (or similarly, in this classroom or in this school…), and

3. How did you do that?

Knowing just what to say to kids is often tricky, but I think it's easy to see how these three simple phrases could make excellent, supportive openers for constructive conversations. And what about when the time comes to close a conversation with a child? Here's my personal favorite: I believe in you.

Do you have a simple-yet-effective phrase that you often use with children? If so, we'd love to hear about it!