Great News! Three Things, the newest early learning game from We Come to Learn, is now on sale in the iTunes App Store!

three things_front

Three Things presents a creative, engaging way for young learners to master a great deal of content knowledge essential to later success in school (and life!), including both upper- and lower-case letters, numbers 0-9, colors, and shapes, as well as vocabulary in five areas of interest to kids: animals, fruits and vegetables, vehicles, clothing, and musical instruments. It's perfect for both pre-schoolers who are just beginning to take notice of these concepts as well as older children who are ready for more refined visual discrimination and vocabulary building.

Three Things goes beyond mere identification, however, to support children in the more rigorous cognitive skills of sorting and categorizing information, employing a four-block grid similar to that used in many classrooms as a visual organizer.

Repetition is essential in all learning but particularly in early learning, and Three Things allows players to repeat play while also offering the variety and rewards, both internal and external, essential to maintaining engagement.

Three Things is a beautifully illustrated and highly engaging game with well over 400 kid-friendly, hand-drawn images plus numerals 0-9 and both upper- and lower-case letters in a primer font; controls for category options and varying levels of support and difficulty; and individual progress reports on the game’s learning objectives for up to six players.

Your child is ready for this game when he or she is beginning to demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, or letters.