Here at We Come to Learn we are happy to announce that Letter Muncher is now available for sale in the iTunes App Store.

Letter Muncher_WLetter Muncher, an initial consonant game from We Come to Learn, started as a classroom game I played with kindergartners many years ago. I learned about Letter Muncher from a colleague who in turn had learned about it from another colleague, who had learned about it from another colleague, and so on and so on. Needless to say, Letter Muncher - in one form of another - has been around for a while. 

My own original Letter Muncher game for the classroom involved a big, blue, plastic trash can that I dressed up with facial features, including extra large wiggly eyes, cardboard arms, and construction paper lips around its flip-top "mouth." We used it as our Supervisor of Show and Tell, with two requirements: The item a student brought from home to feed the Letter Muncher, and thus show and tell about, had to (1) fit inside the Letter Muncher via its "mouth" and (2) have a name that began with our "letter of the week."

This new version of Letter Muncher is simply a modern take on that original idea, and its learning objective remains the same: Given a specific letter, decide which items have names that begin with that letter. In the original, there was no recycling bucket where we disposed of items that didn't belong; we just kept those things at home that week! And of course, now we don't worry about size. Even a washing machine will fit into the Letter Muncher these days… assuming it's time to feed him things that start with "W"!

And by the way, if you ever want to extend the learning, you can make your own Letter Muncher monster at home! Just decorate a box, bucket, barrel, or (like me) trashcan. Then pick a letter and have your child fill it with everything within reach that starts with that letter. Bonus: It's a great way to get your child to clean up his room!