Letter-Muncher-parent-optionsWhether your child is just beginning to understand the concept of sound-symbol correspondence or is well on the way to becoming a proficient reader and speller, Letter Muncher has something to offer. Use of the various Parent Options included in Letter Muncher can help you support your child, regardless of his or her level.

For beginners, you may want to make only a few letters available for play, turning off the others. You can, for example, start with letters that are frequently used in the initial position, easy to articulate, and pretty consistent in the sounds that they represent, such as B, M, S, or T. You might also want to include the first letter of your child's name, assuming it begins with a consonant or one of the four consonant digraphs included in Letter Muncher (ch, sh, th, and wh). As your child masters a few letter sounds at a time, you can add others (keeping or deleting the ones already covered) until the entire complement of initial consonant sounds has been learned.

Another way to support beginners is to make sure the voicing and labeling features are turned on. Eventually, after your child has learned the names of all the pictures and can reliably recall a letter and its sound, you can turn off one or even both of these support features. And later on, after you know your child has mastered most of the initial consonant letter sounds tested in Letter Muncher - even without relying on looking at a word's name to see the first letter - you may wish to reactivate the labeling feature since repeated viewing of a picture labeled with its name is a great way to learn to spell entire words.