wctl_blog_SampleJRGreetings, and welcome to We Come to Learn. 

I'm Beth, a former elementary school teacher and principal. After spending 20 years in schools, I'm often asked what I miss about those days. 
Of course I miss the joy of getting to know children, watching them learn and grow. And of course I miss the camaraderie that comes with being part of a faculty. But I also miss the creative aspect of teaching. I can't tell you what a charge it used to give me to come up with a new game or activity that I believed would be both educational and enjoyable.

Over the past few months,  I've been working with the technology company MerryFools, a smart, talented, clever group of folks who are taking ideas from my schoolhouse days and turning them into computer games and mobile device apps that are beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. While we have maintained the original instructional integrity of these games, they are now infused with a technological savvy and sophistication that even the most modern of young learners will enjoy.

Just like a game in my classroom, a We Come to Learn game is designed to be age appropriate, easy enough for a young child to pick up and play on her own, and engaging enough that she'll want to. But these games and apps are also rich enough to be used as tools for instruction.

Stay tuned as we get ready to release our first game, Letter Muncher.