About Us

We Come to Learn is a creator, developer, and designer of visually beautiful and instructionally sound early education applications and games designed with young children and their parents and teachers in mind.

Our Philosophy

Here at We Come to Learn, we build early education games and applications that are intuitive enough that a young child can pick one up and play right away — and engaging enough that he or she will want to. However we also build our games to be rich and robust enough that a classroom teacher can use them as tools for instruction and reinforcement. Simple yet sophisticated: that’s our goal.

We’ve taken elements of great teaching – engaging and colorful skills-based learning games that include variable levels of difficulty and support, individualized data tracking and reporting, and opportunities for adults to improve their teaching by learning from each other – and added the excitement and beauty of modern technology to create educational games and applications that are perfect for young learners as well as their teachers and parents.

The Team

  • WCTL - Team - Beth
    Beth EducatorFormer teacher and principal, still coming to learn
  • WCTL - Team - Brandon
    Brandon Application DevelopmentNatureboy "FLAIR" Flex Flash AIR
  • WCTL - Team - Janos
    Janos Engineering & DevelopmentAll.Sys.Go (OhBeardedOne)
  • WCTL - Team - Robbie
    Robbie Game/UX Design & MarkerUpperCreative popper and showstopper
  • WCTL - Team - Phil
    PhilSEO & UX Content DevelopmentMy best friend is a Panda
  • WCTL - Team - Christina
    Christina Design OverlordConquers the most ardent creative problems
  • WCTL - Team - Curtis
    Curtis Illustrator/DesignerPuts the "dude" in doodle
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