Learning never had it so easy.
Learning never had it so easy.

At We Come to Learn, we make learning easy, colorful, and full of fun. So come on, everybody, come to learn!

Why should the kids get all the good stuff?
Why should the kids get all the good stuff?

At We Come to Learn, we’ve thought of parents and teachers too, with easy-to-read charts and graphs of student progress.

Shouldn't early learning be fun?
Shouldn’t early learning be fun?

Yes! Early learning should be engaging, interesting, thought-provoking, and, yes, play-based and fun!

So smart… and pretty, too!
So smart… and pretty, too!

At We Come to Learn, all our games are designed to be both simple and sophisticated, not to mention attractive, inviting, and really pretty.

Featured App - Dominoes Number Match
Dominoes Number Match

Build number skills playing a variety of dominoes games

Featured App - Three Things
Three Things

Have fun building vocabulary while learning to categorize and sort information

Featured App - Kindergarten Sight Words
Kindergarten Sight Words

Stop by the We Come to Learn classroom to discover engaging ways to build a solid sight word vocabulary. Includes both independent and shared practice for 180 words.

Featured App - Math Speedway (Addition/Subtraction)
Math Speedway

Build precision in addition and subtraction

About Us

We Come To Learn — The Gang's All Here

We Come to Learn is a small but lively company dedicated to building early education games and apps that are instructionally sound, visually compelling, and a whole heap of fun to play.

All of our games are based on activities used in real classrooms by real teachers over many years. Furthermore our games are designed (the stuff you see) by a team of highly creative web designers and built (the stuff you don’t see) by a team of experienced computer programmers and developers.

From the Blog

If you've ever been around a group of children, you know there are as many differences among them as there are similarities. Even in a single kindergarten class, there may well be children who are ...

A few days ago, I wrote about how to use the FLASHCARDS mode in  We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Word as a method of shared practice. WCTL KSW also includes two methods for independent pra...

One of the great features of We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Words (WCTL KSW) is that it includes methods for both independent and shared practice. Today we'll take a look at the shared practic...

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